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Greetings & Salutations! I am Lindsay, a seasonal shapeshifter and the proprietress of Altar & Leaf. I conjure up an array of seasonally aligned teas, tonics and elixirs for magical folk and daring muggles alike. I run this wee business completely solo and take my time to make sure that each order is wrapped up with a little bit of magic & a whole lot of love. I am all about creating beautiful experiences for others. This is why when your receive a parcel from me, you will be treated to a delightful sensory unveiling in the form of flower, root, leaf and seed.

I am a fan of the written word, especially in the form of poetry and classic literature. These art forms are often the inspiration behind many of my creations. I consider my tea blending practice to an artistic expression. Carefully selecting herbs according to their folklore, medicinal, color, texture and flavor profiles. Its storytelling!

When I am not blending up brews and potions, I am often found wandering the old growth forests, hiking up mountains or chattering on with the various flora and fauna.

I currently dwell with my clan of 3 wild boys and brilliant husband in the beautiful PNW. We’ve raised a variety of animals and tended to the growing of many edibles, herbs and flowers on our land.

Thank you for joining me here on my little corner of the web. I hope you enjoy perusing the website. I always love to hear from my patrons. Please reach out and say hello!

Lindsay has a knack for combining the flavor, aroma, color, and healing potency of plants in a way that makes them both delicious to enjoy and effective for inspiring health and happiness on many levels. Each blend is created by hand and is shipped with an amazing depth of good energy.
A treat for all the senses! - Josh Williams, Living Herbal Tea 2013