Devils Club Oil

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Devils Club Oil


The scent of this oil is otherworldly. Imagine walking through old growth forests; ferns tickling your skin, moss and lichen dripping from limbs. The scent of the forest understory- mysterious and lush.

Devils Club oil is regarded as a sacred plant by many. As a 'Heal All' it is commonly used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments: Adrenal fatigue, Arthritis pain/ inflammation, respiratory dysfunction, sugar cravings and migraines to name a few.  Works as an aid for deep  journey work, dream time or meditation.

Suggested use: For general muscle aches, pains, arthritic inflammation massage daily into skin. 

Crafted lovingly with Wildharvested botanicals of: Devils Club bark, Hawthorn Flower/ Leaf, Nootka Rose, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, a little magic and a lot of love.
Best when applied to skin before/ after ritual bath, prior to journey work or meditation.  

$5 of the proceeds from the sale are returned to  Cascade Forest Conservancy

Label Art by Elizabeth Robinson Tattoo


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