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Wild-crafted from the trees that grow abundantly around my home in the foothills of the Cascades- the blossoms range from white to deep crimson in color. They give off a heady and rich scent that I commonly refer to as "Lusty". The taste of this elixir is reminiscent of a honey mead. Unlike the berries of Hawthorn, the flowers have a more gentle and cooling action.

A relative to Rose, it helps break any barriers associated with the heart center. Its cooling action dispels excess heat caused by fiery temperaments.

Medicinally, Hawthorn is used to balance the circulatory system and acting as a tonic for the heart. My personal experience with this elixir is on that has assisted me with hearing my heartsong.

Over time the "heartbeat" can be come quieted due to life experiences that may hurt and sadden us- or cause us to build on the rages and resentments of life not being fair. Hawthorn flowers will cool those fires and help us to reconnect to our heartsong.

Infused with Rose quartz to further enhance the already potent magic of this beloved plant ally.

To use as a vibrational curative: Use daily as needed by adding a few drops under the tongue, in tea or water. Medicinally: Use 1 dropperful in the morning or in the evening to assist with healthy heart function.

Used for: ~Lowering blood pressure ~Support Immune system ~Increase Longevity ~Support Healthy Heart Function ~Mild sedative to the Central Nervous System.

Packaged in 2oz recyclable glass bottled with dropper.

**This information is not intended to cure or diagnose, but simply allow you to explore plant medicines on a deeper level. Please consult with a qualified herbalist in your area should you have any questions.

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