Autumn Tea Ritual


Autumn is a transitional season when we prepare to sink into the shadows of our winter resting phase. A simple tea meditation will help you take notice of those precious moments when you transition from one daily activity to another. Transitions are gateways, a pause between one moment and the next. It is in the between where we can learn to be mindful of what is going on within and around us.

Partaking of tea in this conscious way will guide you to becoming more aware of the transitions in your daily life and how you respond to them. Take advantage of these moments to teach you.

Ask yourself the following question: Do you rush from one moment to the next with out mindful preparation for the transitions? {If so, stop. Be still, breathe and sip some tea.}

When you ease into a tea sipping ritual that flows as fluidly as the water in which the tea is steeped, you become more adaptable to the every changing landscape of your own life.

Our spiritual practices often deepen with the arrival of the Autumn season. It is during this time that we begin to contract our expansive solar energy back into our body to prepare for the final resting a phase of winter. It is that inward movement of energy that gets us into a place of contemplation and more personal self care rituals.

All around us we can see the signs of letting go and drawing inward. Leaves fall gently to the ground peppering it with a multitude of colors. The sun is withdrawing earlier as the days grow shorter.  A myriad of emotions may begin to rise like ghosts from the grave.

Take time in your busy days to catch a falling leaf,  make a wish and have a cup of tea.

As you embrace the season of transitions take everyday as a gift of mindfulness. As Elizabeth Lawrence wrote, "everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn".

If you want to dive deeper into Autumnal tea magic, try the Guardians of Knowledge.