Daily Teavotion

Loose leaf tea isn't for everyone. It takes time and patience to prepare. It isn't instantly gratifying, at least not until you have fulfilled your steep and let the magical nectar cross the threshold of your palate. 

Tea requires us to make time for self care. To slow our flow and root down in the midst of a busy day. When we allow our tea time to become a daily self care ritual, we are giving back to our selves. So many of us are depleted from living such fast lives.

What if we could just pause for a moment and make a sweet steep.  Look out a window or sit on the porch and watch the leaves fall to the ground. What a refresher for the senses. 

My seasonal collections aspire to become a part of your day in a sacred and complimentary way. I hope that they bring you as much magic and joy to your life as they have brought to mine. 

Like any practice we devote ourselves too, taking time for tea can become a part of our daily rituals. A quiet transition that guides us from one moment to the next. A respite we can gift ourselves during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Each of the elements are involved in making tea:

EARTH is represented by the botanicals: Flowers, Roots, Leaves, Seeds.

WATER is the magical conduit that is used to infuse the botanicals.

FIRE is transformative element that heats the water.

AIR is the aromatic vapors the are released from the steam that unfurls around you.

Combined you have yourself a beautiful ceremony of the four corners, and by taking in the sacred brew you are honoring the fifth element of SPIRIT.


This ritual is a time to give thanks & focus your intentions on the simple comforts available to you in the form of flower, leaf, root & seed.

SACRED SPACE - Find a comfortable place on the floor or at a table, preferably near a window where the light & the view are inspiring or relaxing. If the weather near you is cool keep a throw blanket handy that you can curl up in while you enjoy your tea. If it is warmer where you are take your tea outside & sit among the beauty of nature. Additionally you can add sacred elements to your space; crystals, incense, tarot cards, etc. I use a tealight to act as a sacred timer for this practice.

STEEPING - When you are ready to pour the water over the herbs speak softly while pouring, “I infuse this water with gratitude for all the abundance in my life”. During the next few minutes, let’s focus on breath. Slowly, breathe in for a count of four, pause at the top of your breath & exhale slowly for a count of four - pause. Repeat for the duration of steeping time. Once your tea is ready according to your taste preference, take your cup & find a comfortable place to settle in. This is where the magic happens...

WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS - As you begin to steep yourself in the comforts of tea, notice the aromas, the taste & the beauty in what you have created. As the ribbons of steam unfurl around you take in your surroundings. What do you see, hear and feel?

Acknowledge it, let it go & take a deep breath & come back to the self- nurturing of this simple ritual. On the first sip, give thanks for this quiet moment you have. With each sip, continue to give thanks for a different aspect of your life. Once you have reached the end of your cup, take your herbs/ tea bag and gift them to your garden or compost bin. This small act is a great way to honor mother earth & all the abundance she provides for us.

May all your steeps be sweet.