In Winter I Dream


My heart is dreaming of Spring! I know winter has just begun and we have a ways to go, but isn’t winter all about the dreamy rest before we spring back into action?

Over last weekend my hubs and I made some headway clearing out a very overgrown area of plum trees. They were dripping with Usnea Lichen, which I have been greatfully harvesting for medicine before we run the smaller branches through the chipper for mulch and store the larger cuts for firewood. 

Even during the sleeping season we are busily prepping for the forthcoming Spring garden and tending to some overdue feathering of our nest.  

Today however,  is another soggy day here in the PNW and I finally finished up the  labels for the Spring seasonal share. I took a long look back at the roots of when I began blending tea and creating herbal medicine. I’ve had just about as many looks as Madonna. 

But the one that has always had a hold on my heart was the simple hand drawn look of a collection of herbs, flowers, butterflies and bees. Simple and beautiful medicine. 

I have been concocting some lovely medicinal’s for the Spring Share and I am excited to put this box of seasonally supportive medicine together. 

Altar & Leaf has shape shifted in so many ways over the years as I have gotten to know myself through each incarnation. This work has always been my saving grace when I’m feeling unsure about the world and all it’s tribulations. I find that many folks look to nature when they are in a healing crisis. Using herbal remedies re-connects us to our wholeness.

That is the magic of nature. She’s there to heal us in a myriad of ways. When we give back to her in what ever way we humans can, she rewards us with the medicines that promote a sense well-being.  

I hope you consider supporting the work I am doing on our farm and the work of your own healing through the Community Supported Herbalism Share I have created.  

To learn more click here.  

Yours in all your wild and weedy dreams,