I am constantly needing reminders to tend to my self care. There are days that go by where I forget to eat a healthy meal, or slow down long enough to actually enjoy a hot cup of tea.

I tend to the needs of my family, friends, neighbors. It is just in my nature. It make me a great gardener actually...

I'm not complaining. I enjoy being the tender. I enjoy being there for others. But if I don't stop one and a while to tend to my own needs what kind of example am I being to those who look to me as inspiration or for guidance.

You teach what you need to learn the most.

This past weekend I made a point to practice some sacred tending that re-ignites my inner fire. I hope that at some point this month you will do the same for yourself.

I invite you to participate in the following act of self {love} care.

Body as Temple

This activity is one that requires you to become a bit more intimate with yourself. Some quiet time alone in the bathroom or bedroom is essential. Enjoy!

In your bathroom or bedroom, create a sanctuary. Dim the lights, light your candle and if you have an ipod handy, set it to your favorite relaxing music. Have a cup of tea steeped. Float a few rose petals in it for a little extra magic.

Remove your clothing and if you have a full length mirror stand in front of it. (don't shy away- candlelight works magic on the naked body).

Spritz some rosewater around you and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Next, scan over your body starting with your feet. Give thanks to your lovely feet for carrying you through life.

Move up to the legs,  pelvis, stomach. With each pass giving thanks to that specific part of your body.

The stomach is an especially vulnerable place for many. Place your hands on your belly and hold for a moment. Releasing any fears or insecurities surrounding this sacred area. Do the same for the heart center. Continue upwards giving thanks to each part of your beautiful body.

Once you have completed all areas, cup your tea  in your hands and recite the following with soft speak into the cup:

I love myself unconditionally and accept myself as I am.I recognize the divine within me and honor the wisdom I hold. I respect myself and treat myself with kindness and love.

Now you have charged this tea with all the energy of this soothing ritual.

Take your first sip. Admiring your beautiful body that is  steeping in the glow of candlelight and self love.

Tend to your sacred self.

Much love,