Spring: Tea Meditation

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Spring, a new season of growth and abundance greets us with a merry heart and a promise of new beginnings.

With a deep sigh and a graceful stretch, Mother Earth is waking up from her peaceful slumber and life is being renewed. Nourish your beautiful body, mind and soul with fragrant floral teas that will help dispel excess cold from the body and revitalize the senses. 

It was once thought that if you bathe your face is the morning spring dew- beauty would follow you the remainder of the year.

This ritual is intended to stimulate the senses and encourage growth from within.

You can do this simple ritual anytime of day, but I find it more pleasurable in the late  morning when the dew is fresh and the sun is warming up the earth. Steep yourself a cup of fragrant floral tea and go outside. If it’s still a bit chilly were you are- wear layers. You can practice thismeditation sitting or standing.

Begin by cupping your tea in both hands at your heart center. Feeling the warmth of the mug you are holding radiating into your hands and into the heart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, filling your lungs with fresh air- releasing slowly.

Visualize your feet and legs rooting into the ground below. Imagine you are growing roots deep into the earth center and tapping into that vital restorative energy. Now visualize that current moving slowly through your feet and up your legs, swirling into the belly as if it was a soft spring breeze.

As this current continues to flow  upward allow it to sit within the heart center where the warmth of your tea is filling your hands. Pause here for a moment and with eyes closed- listen. Do you hear the singsong of birds in the trees? Can you smell the sweetness of the  earth coming back to life? Appreciate this moment you are creating for yourself - bathing your senses in the beauty of nature.

Continue visualizing the energy of the earth ascending from your heart center towards the crown chakra. Visualize a cascade of warm golden light falling down around your body. Pouring over you like warm honey and into the cup you are holding. Sip your tea reverently and mindfully. With every sip- filling up the wisdom well with the energy of the earth and the feminine season of Springtime.

Copyright Lindsay Holt, Altar & Leaf 2014