This ritual is one that I enjoy doing during the crepuscular hours. When the veil is the thinnest and our workings with the ancestors are felt the most. However, it can be done at anytime. 

The intention for this simple tea time ritual is to give thanks to our personal Guardians of Knowledge.   For this ritual you will need:

  • 1 Apple - any variety will do

  • Knife Cutting board Red, White or Black ribbon

  • Tealight

  • 1 Whole  Star Anise

  • 1 Cinnamon Stick

  • Cup of Avalon Cider (coming to the shop soon) or your tea of choice

Prepare your sacred space according to your liking. If possible venture outside and create a space in nature. 

While your tea is steeping, slice the apple in half horizontally to reveal the pentagram shape inside. Place both halves in front of you. One on each side of your cup of teacup. Once the tea has fulfilled its steep, light the tea light and garnish your tea with the Star Anise. Using the  cinnamon stick, stir clockwise three times deosil (direction of the sun). Keep cinnamon stick in the tea.

Settle in to a rhythm with your breath and call upon your guides Ask for wisdom and guidance through the Autumn season.  With each sip of tea give thanks to those who have guided you in your life. Honor your teachers, your mentors, the flora and fauna.

Once you have finished your tea, you can place the Star Anise inside one half of the apple. Press down gently into the fleshy bits. Take the other half of the apple and place it on top. Secure both halves with a red, white or black ribbon. Place the apple at the base of a tree or somewhere in nature that is significant for you.

This apple represents an offering or "feeding" to the ancestors- your Guardians of Knowledge.  The cinnamon stick can be placed somewhere to dry to be used again.