LunaSol Teavotional


The nature of the moon can be seen as temperamental. It is in constant flux from light to dark, old and new. I see her as an emotional body. If we require change, need to banish or manifest something within ourselves or our life- honor the moon. Create a moon wheel according to the particular phase that you are working with- giving thanks to the power of the lunar body.

When sipping your tea, hold the cup at your heart center. Visualize the moon in her respective phase. Honor the emotions that come up for you, hold space for them for a few breaths. Release those emotions with each respiration and subsequent sip- coming back to that heartspace and honoring the lunar body.


We can understand the nature of the sun is unwavering and steady. The sun is focused, determined, and goal oriented. I see the sun as a mental body. If we require more stability or focus in our lives- honor the sun. Create a sun wheel teascape, giving thanks to the steady power of the solar body.

You can hold your cup of tea at your hara or solar plexus. Feel the warmth radiate into your hands. Hold your cup at this sacred space for a moment. Imagine that cup is the sun. Its warmth is golden and steady. Visualize the sun's strength growing inside you. Its power energizes and revitalizes.