Holistic Massage Offerings

Although an ever-present wholeness exists in our true
nature, we must find our way back to it again and again
because we are constantly at the effect of the duality that is
all around us, and in us.
-Ora Nadrich
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With nearly 2 decades of experience in the realm of massage & bodywork, Lindsay has developed a signature experience that encompasses a whole-body approach to healing.

Each session is fully customized to the client’s current individual needs. As your needs change, so will the chosen modalities used in each session. This allows our client/ therapist relationship to deepen with each visit.

Massage, much like using herbs for wellness, is cumulative. This means the more regularly you receive treatments, the more changes you will begin to feel and notice in your own body.

Like an onion, we have layers of trauma, stress, injury, etc. which build up over time. It is my job as your massage practitioner to help peel back those layers to expose a healthier you! Together we will work in partnership to see that your needs are taken care of and that you do your part to retain a vibrant sense of health and wellness.


What you can expect at your session

Your initial session begins with a one-time intake of formal paperwork and a one-on-one discussion regarding your current needs. I will assess your needs and communicate with you what combination of modalities will be used.

Then the magic happens…

A variety of therapeutic applications may be used in a single session. This may include the use of warm oiled stones, hot towels, body scrubs, herb infused oils and a fusion of massage techniques ranging from breath work, passive assisted stretching, deeply relaxing flowing strokes, to more focused work such as deep tissue and myofascial release. With my years of experience, I have learned that the body requires and responds to various concurrent modalities as opposed to a singular modality approach.