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Aphrodisia Elixir

  • Aphrodisia Elixir

You will definitely feel like you are wearing sexy lingerie when you imbibe on this sensual elixir. Bring your sexy back!

Herbal Tidbits:
Damiana is a well known aphrodisiac and mood booster. Deeply grounding and warming. Gets the blood moving to the reproductive organs and improves the pleasure response.
Rose softens the rough edges around the heart & uplifts the mood.
Shatavari- Nurturing tonic, Balancing to all bodily fluids, Rejuvenates
female reproductive system.
Cocoa is another well know mood booster and aphrodisiac.

My favorite way to use: Add an ounce of cream to a small cup, add a dropperful or two, froth to a velvety consistency and enjoy the traveling warmth throughout the body. May also be added to hot cocoa or a tea latte (Briar and Rose pair well with this).

Packaged in a 2oz amber glass bottle with dropper.

Crafted with organic botanicals of: Damiana, Damascus Rose, Shatavari, Raw Cacao, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Vanilla Bean raw Wildflower honey, grain free spirits & spring water.