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Heartbeats Elixir

  • Heartbeats Elixir

Heartbeats elixir is crafted from the wild abundance of Hawthorn trees here in my neck of the woods. Each year I wait patiently for the Beltane harvest of the lusty scented flowers and leaves. I know when the May Queen comes calling on the wind. The air becomes so fragrant with that unmistakable scent..

Nootka rose is harvested in the groves of giant old oaks on my parents property. Wee pink buds and blooms fragrant with delicate sweetness. Tangled up in masses with Hawthorn and Holly trees. I never get away without shedding little blood. I call this a sacred exchange.

This combination eases the heart center, soothes and balances the cardiovascular and nervous system. Its supportive nature is one for use on a daily basis to help establish that vital connection to the heart and mind.

Medicinally, Hawthorn itself has been reported to have many health benefits from anti inflammatory, nervous system support, balances blood pressure, aids in digestion, known to ease anxiety/ depression and the list goes on. It’s a safe tonic herb that can be used on the daily.

A little message from an embodied experience with Heartbeats Elixir.
I did one full dropper. Closed my eyes and placed hands in prayer position over my heart. I invited the flowers and leaves and berries to share their song with me.
I breathed long and slow until the energy within me shifted. Then came the warmth to my heart. I listened as the song grew louder…

I plucked each flower, each leaf, each berry with a wish that it’s medicine fills your heart space with courage to accept that, yes, sometimes life is shitty and unpredictable. Sometimes we bury ourselves in grief and close our hearts off to accepting the love and support we need and deserve.

You don’t have to traverse the wild landscape of your humaneness alone. Listen closely and you will hear the heartbeats growing louder and you’ll find yourself dancing to your own beautiful rhythm once again.
This is medicine of death and rebirth.
Of letting go and letting in.
Of hope and healing.

Comes packaged in a 1oz amber glass bottle with dropper.

Crafted with wild grown botanicals of: Hawthorn Flower, Leaf & Berry, Nootka Rose, Motherwort, Brandy Spirits & Raw Hawthorn flower infused honey.