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Mood Lifter: Pipe Tea Herbal Smoking Blend

  • Mood Lifter: Pipe Tea Herbal Smoking Blend

Smoking herbs is a great way to connect with plant medicine in a spiritual way. The act of smoking in ceremony and ritual goes back hundreds of years in all parts of the world.

There is medicinal benefits to smoking herbs too. Relief from lung congestion, soothing bronchial airways, clearing inflammation and nerve relaxation to name a few.

Pairs beautifully with a touch of Cannabis. Add a pinch to your pipe and make like a Hobbit and blow some beautiful smoky prayers up into the sky. To get the most out of your herbal smoke, grind down in a grinder of choice or use an old fashioned motor and pestle and roll up your own (hemp papers are preferred for this).

Herbal smoke can be a benefit to those who are just beginning their journey to becoming a non-nicotine smoker. The psychological act is often the hardest part about quitting nicotine cigarettes. Please seek help from a health professional if you are having trouble quitting. I'm rooting for you!

Herbal Tidbits:
Damiana - Mood enhancer, aphrodisiac, relieves anxiety.
Mullein Leaf - Clears lung congestion and soothes delicate lung tissue.
Rose - Soothing, centering and known to help relive headaches.
Peppermint - Opens airways, improves circulation and relaxes nerves.

Come packaged in a 2.5oz clear top tin. Actual weight varies with density of botanicals.