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Sleepy Head

  • Sleepy Head

This mood mellowing blend ushers in the sandman and creates a deeply calming mental atmosphere after a long day of overthinking and overdoing. Ya know, the kind over over doing that actually leads to over stimulation and restlessness.

When I conjured up this particular brew, I was needing something that would take me down a few notches and assist with unwinding after being "on" all day.

This brew stars Valerian. In my personal tea blending tradition, this is considered the healer or the base. Valerian is sometimes referred to as dirty socks herb due to its pungent odor, however it smells nothing like my teenage sons dirty socks!
The scent of this brew is strong on first inhale, but the flavor is quite delicious!

Valerian has a rich botanical history/ herstory as a heal all. 2000+ years of use!

This herbal brew is intended to be a nightly ritual to settle the nerves and promote sound sleep. I suggest sipping a cuppa 1hr to 30 minutes prior to lights out. During that time, turn off your screens and light a candle and release the mental bindings of the day.

Once sleep balance has been achieved after a week or two of use, it is wise to take a break as to not build up a tolerance to the herbs.

My hope is that this sleep/ relaxation aid will be an ally you can call on when extra support is needed for a short period of time.

Pairs well with Slumberland Elixir

Brewing Alchemy:
1 heaping tablespoon per 8 oz freshly boiled water
Steep Time: 6-8 minutes If you prefer a strong cup or are brewing as a chai, use more leaves.

Crafted with organic botanicals of: Valerian root, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena, Spearmint, Lavender buds, Orange peel/ bits, Cornflower petals a little magic and a lot of love.

* Not intended for pregnant or nursing woman.

Packaged in a 2oz by volume pouch. Actual weight of tea varies depending on the density of botanicals.