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Botanical Soap

  • Botanical Soap

Cold processed soap making is an art. One that has been perfected over many years. Some soap gets really slimy and degrades quickly, turning into a pile of mush.

This soap will last you a good long while provided it is stored properly in a draining soap dish. Preferably one made of clay or wood. It will also scent what ever room it is stored in. Bonus!

The rich and moisturizing lather will condition, soften and delicately scent your skin with the natural aromatics of the essential oils and botanicals used.

This soap is what I consider utilitarian, meaning it is meant to be used an not for display. That is why we don’t decorate it or pour it into shaped molds.

Comes packaged in a linen drawstring pouch, perfect for hanging in bathroom between uses.

Crafted by Anne Carroll Gilmour, Fiber Artist , Shepardess, Soapmaker, Muscian and the lady I call mom.