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The Woodsman

  • The Woodsman

She feared when he went to the woods she would lose him forever…

This seasonal brew is crafted from a real life encounter with my very own woodsman. Thankfully he returned to me and the scent of him when we embraced was inspired.
Wet wool, scented with campfire and the sticky pitch from freshly felled cedar trees perfumed his skin.

Dark, smoky and laced with forest trimmings. A real treat for those with a love for adventure.

Tea Leaf Tidbits:

Black Tea is warming and nourishing. It has an affinity for assisting the kidneys. A cup of black tea promotes digestive health. The theaflavin compounds found in black tea assist with breaking down fat cells found in the rich foods we eat and aids in reducing cholesterol levels.
Studies have shown that a daily cup of black tea can improve mental focus by promoting blood flow to the brain and without over stimulating the heart.

Crafted with organic botanicals of: Pine Smoked Black Tea Leaf, Chaga mushroom.
Juniper Berry, Cedar Leaf, Elderberry, Cinnamon a little Magic & a lot of LOVE.

Brewing Alchemy:
1 heaping tablespoon per 8 oz freshly boiled water
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes Do not not over steep or tea may become bitter. If you prefer a strong cup, use more leaves.

Add a drizzle of maple syrup to sweeten. This tea can take milk.

Contains Caffeine.

Comes packaged in a 2oz by volume pouch.
Actual weight of tea varies depending on the density of botanicals.