Greetings & thank you for for gracefully  stumbling into my world. Here is where I weave seasonal stories with botanicals as my narrative.  

There is so much inspiration in the natural world. I am endlessly inspired by the seasons, the phases of the moon & the ever changing landscape of the human condition. 

When I began blending teas- it started as a personal expression for my healing. It was the respite from the daily grind, a meditation & a way of honoring Mother Earths generous beauty. 

Over time & through many 'creative' incarnations,  it has become a way to reach out & help others heal themselves through self care. It has also become an artistic expression through visual representations

Altar & Leaf Apotheca is a heart-centered business, a growing community, a philosophy & a way of life that encircles all the good & beautiful things we strive to create in our own lives. Creating an experience for my loyal patrons is at the heart of my work.  Each parcel a gift for the senses & a true delight for the receiver to unveil. It is a pleasure & an honor to provide you with the comforting nectar that has charmed our hearts & fills our cuppa. 

I am a Wife, Mother and She Wolf. I grew up a nomad & the wind within me still has not settled. I tend to get swept away...My imagination is a feather dancing in the wind.

  • Ruled by the Elements: Air, Fire & Earth
  • Astro Sign: (Sun) Libra (Moon) Leo (Rising) Capricorn
  • Preferred Moon Phase: Waning Crescent
  • Totems I currently am working with: Wolf + Raven + Snake

I live on a 5 acre parcel in Washington State in a multi-generational  farmhouse. Growing, harvesting, adventuring & raising a clan of 3 boys with my twin flame & Jack-of-all-trades husband.  My paw prints can be found all over the old growth forests along the Cascade mountain range; leaving trail feathers of inspiration along the way.  


Everything I have ever received from Altar & Leaf Apotheca has been nothing short of amazing.
Lindsay puts her whole self into her craft & it truly shows. Opening her packages is magical.
She puts so much care & detail into that. Her tea blends are perfection! The combinations
she concocts are excellent, fresh & the quality of the herbs is beyond superior.
She elevates having a cup of tea to such a glorious experience.
Her tinctures, sprays & body oils are equally wonderful. And remind us to practice self care.

I can’t say enough! 

— Izzy D