Long Nights Mystery.

An illuminated offering for the sleeping season.


A lantern lighted me to bed

Because I had no candle;

Across the frozen fields it shone

And danced upon the Wandle.

Cock robin in the icy hedge,

Nor blackbird, bill in feather,

Nor snail tucked snug in close-shut house

Will ever now know whether

A lantern lighted me to bed,

Because I had no candle,

And from my frozen window-pane

Beamed clean across the Wandle. Walter de la Mare, 1942

A scattering of clues:

A dreamy curation for the dark nights of winters whispering breath. Offerings on a bed of moss, tangled up wit sticks and stones. A conjuring of Cailleach’s brew to warm the winter chill. A luminary to guide you through the dark. The horn of a mighty stag lost in winter shedding. The scent of forest duff to swaddle and warm your skin. I cannot tell you more or the mystery will end…

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The Mystery of Long Nights
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