The Heart of Blending - Winter Workshop 2018


( Please do not purchase if you are a current participant of the Autumn Workshop)

The Heart of Blending  Workshop is a seasonal workshop for the budding herbalist and/ or tea ritualist. This course will offer the basic foundations in creating rich botanical narratives that flow harmoniously through the seasonal landscape. 

It is recommend that you have some general experience in herbalsim as this is NOT an herbalist or a tea sommelier  certification.

This workshop is designed to charm your tastebuds, promote deeper self care, use tea as a medium for meditative practice, and provide you with boundless inspiration for creative expression.

This online workshop aims to inspire a deeper connection between you and the chosen botanicals by guiding you through ritual, ceremony, meditation, and the crafting of unique herbal and true tea leaf  blends.

I have devoted the last 5 years to curating a library of intuitive tea blending, ritual, and visual storytelling. As a part of this workshop I will share my library of recipes, knowledge, and playful wisdom for your use as you learn inspired ways of  crafting unique poetry-filled steeps!


How This Workshop Will Inspire You


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You’ll have access to information and instruction on:

  • Seasonal recipes from my personal library
  • How to create intuitive blends using the seasonal, emotional, and wellness landscape 
  • How to understand the energetics of specific true tea leaf/ herbs
  • Howto  use herbs and tea together to create complimentary blends
  • How to create Teascapes, Tea Mandalas, Teavotionals (lunar/ solar) for Meditation, Ritual, Manifestation, and intention setting. 
  • Seasonal Rituals, Guided Meditations,  Prompts, IG Challenges, 
  • Private FB group classroom to encourage discussion, share learning experiences,  answer questions and create a supportive community of badass blenders!


The Winter Workshop will take place over 8 Weeks:

January 21st - Mar 18th. 


We will use the energy of the Winter season to take deep dives into our collective stories and create poetry filled steeps with the song of flower, root, leaf and seed. During the Winter Workshop, we will uncover the mysteries of various herbs, spices, and tea leaf that resonate with the elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

All workshop materials will be delivered via email with password protected content, videos, PDFs and recordings. 

Live Workshops will take place according to the Workshop schedule which you will receive via  email on November 29th.

You do not need to be present for live workshops as they will be recorded for later viewing.

All content will be  downloadable so that you can go at your own pace! 

Bonus content will be accessible throughout the season as well. 

Grab your kettle and secure your spot!

What others are saying:

I am loving the content so far! -Melissa C.
This class is amazing! - Jessica P.

2 Payment Options  Available:

Earlybird Payment In Full - $160

Earlybird Installment Plan - $60 x 3 mos.

Heart of Blending - Early Bird Payment in Full


Heart of Blending - Earlybird Payment Plan

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So you know:

Refunds will not be offered for this workshop. Be sure you are able to commit before you sign up. 

Earlybird Enrollment closes November 1st and the price will go up to $200  for full payment and  $80 x 3 mos for Installment.

Open Enrollment Closes November 28th.

In live videos I uphold the right to be sacred and  profane...